Group Training from Visible Data (our offices)

What are the benefits of training at your site?

  • It’s difficult to get approval and budget for training at dedicated training centers.
    Training on your company site means zero expenses for staff accommodation.
  • Sending staff to dedicated training centers means time lost in transit, and potentially time off in lieu if folks are travelling over the weekend.
    Training starts and finishes when you need it to.
  • Often it’s impossible to get approval to take company laptops off-site.
    Keep IT and the compliance team happy with training on-site

Booking us to train at your offices

We’re pleased to provide training at your offices in the UK or in Europe, subject to travel expenses and subsistence.

If you’ve got all the information you need right now, then please do fill in the booking request form on this page.

We understand you probably have questions before wanting to book a course, so please do contact us via email: