Data Science

We have experience in working with a wide range of complex projects and datasets to derive meaning and actionable advice thrugh a #rstats based data science toolkit.

Data Viz

Data-driven stories with interactive visualisations allow audiences to explore and understand your findings. We provide training and consultancy in designing effective and accesible dataviz.


Open Data and Reproducibility are ever growing concerns in academia and industry. We have years of expertise in advising on best practices and workflows.

Visible Data Blog

Aspiringly weekly blog covering interesting datasets, analyses and ideas on reproducibility, data science and data visualisation. Visible Data is a consultancy and technical training company based in Oxford, read more about us here.

One weird regex matches 97% of DOI...

By Martin John Hadley on March 13, 2019

This one weird regex matches 97% of DOI…

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Where is the centre of University of Oxford?

on February 18, 2019

University of Oxford has over 800 years of history to it, but if you want to organise a meeting at the centre of campus… where do you meet?

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Keeping secrets in blogdown

on January 2, 2019

Keeping API keys and passwords secret in a blogdown blog using the static/ folder and the secret package.

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Using ggmap after July 2018

By Martin John Hadley on December 5, 2018

ggmap is an awesome package for creating maps with ggplot2. If you’ve seen a nice looking map built with ggplot2 I can almost guarantee you that it uses ggmap to look that good. The ggmap package is …

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