We have a wide variety of on-demand training courses available from several online learning providers and also provide bespoke training courses both in-person and online.

In addition we deliver regular public courses through JB International and the Royal Statistical Society. I’m also a visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University.

R in 3 Months

I’m particularly proud of my work as a co-instructor with David Keyes on the excellent R in 3 Months course that runs twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

The course includes weekly assignments where students use their own datasets and I record personalised feedback videos for each student. Over the course of the 12 weeks students build up a solid understanding of R and how to use RMarkdown to create rich and easy to read reports.

The course is $999 or $399 for those in countries with lower GDPs.

On-demand Training

LinkedIn Learning

I’ve been recording training courses for LinkedIn Learning since 2016. Access to these courses is available through a LinkedIn Premium subscription or can be purchased a la carte. Many Universities provide students and staff with free access to LinkedIn Learning - check with your IT department.

Go from zero to well designed shiny apps in 2h50m with a thorough, easy to follow explanation of reactivity.

A thorough introduction to tidyverse concerpts and how to use them to solve common data wrangling tasks.

Learn how to make interactive charts, tables, maps and more in this dedicated 5h30min course.

Learn to use RMarkdown to build reports and slide decks in both PDF and interactive HTML.

Learn how to combine {shiny} and RMarkdown together to create slide decks with interactive elements.

Need to make maps but don't know any GIS? After this course you can make static and interactive maps!

Mapping with R ($99)

I’ve designed this course specifically for folks who’ve never built a map or worked with GIS datasets before. The course introduces you to the excellent {sf} package and how to use it alongside the tidyverse for wrangling and exploring spatial data.

You’ll then learn how to create static maps with {ggplot2} and interactive maps with {leaflet}. I’ll also ensure you go away with sufficiency knowledge to work with projections, CRS and where to obtain shapefiles.

This course is available through the excellent R for the Rest of Us course catalogue.

Public courses

  • I partner with JB International to deliver monthly scheduled public R courses.
    JB International have 20+ years experience in hosting and organising corporate training courses - but we also often see academics in these public courses too. Public courses are an affordable choice and an excellent opportunity to learn alongside other folks. If you’d prefer a bespoke course, please see below.

  • I also deliver 3 courses a year through the Royal Statistical Society.
    These courses are attended equally by both academics and folks from industry. This happens to be the most cost effective way to attend our courses, for non-RSS members attendance is £693.60 + VAT.

Custom training courses

Our training courses focus on using the R language for data science, reporting or data visualisation. Our courses are delivered using RMardown lecture slides for foundational material and use live coding exercises to replicate the real-world experience of using R.

We encourage learners to tell us:

“we need that chart/dashboard to do X”


“that’s not good enough for our needs - we need Y”

I’d recommend considering booking a bespoke course through our partner JB International. They’ve been working with both small and (very) large corporates since 1995 and are better suited to processing payments and booking requests than my small consultancy. I genuinely enjoy working with these folks - they’re very fair to me and to their customers.

If you would prefer to get in touch directly with me, then please email me at